Learning at School Conference Day 1 Keynote 1

9am Opening – Anne Tolley

Keynote: Stuart Middleton MIT – School looks good but is it engaging?

Four key ssues – Students…but who are we successful with?  Students who we are challenged by….

Students – traditional material – challenging material: this group is going to dramatically increase.

The Baby Boomer’s Generation…1970’s to 1980’s….tertiary introduced.

The focus is on disengagement.   What are the challenges?  Readiness…I’ll take the high road and you take the long road…

The learning triad- progress- readiness- quality-… schools will not be organised as clearly on an age-cohortness .  Language is at the heart of diversity.  Think of language like an iceberg.

19 Voices: ICT Infusion in our Classroom, Erin Freeman

Just had a scrummy lunch – salad, rice and chicken… Now into a session based on students and a laptop classroom…

  • Student wikipages – started with wikipaint
  • different navigation bar to wiki
  • Check when children sign up (R13)
  • 19voices.wikispaces.com
  • Screencasts using screentoaster- one students PMI understanding of a laptop classroom
  • Skype with a student- talked about google sketchup to design a house or island
  • Time to PLAY>>>>
  • Tried to enter chatzy room – student not there..so.. entered skype and added Erin:)
  • Looking at Bomomo – FREE online art generator
  • Now chatting in chatzy room with Suzie- seems to take time to upload messages
  • Zamzar.com – will convert a number of files

Breakout 1: You’ve got to know them…Mel Stopford and David Anderson


Laptop dies…oh no…do I really have to resort to pen and paper….

The Art of Facilitiation

S: An excellent presentation…by two confident, very compassionate leader-facilitators.  Really enjoyed the ‘card’ games – and the collaboration with other educators.  Certainly

W: What’s that???  Venue- although the presenters made good use of the space, they could have done with a room suited to the interactivity

Next Learning Steps: Revisit those virtues and values often.  Get creative with facilitation activities:)

ULearn: Opening – Anne Tolley

Minister Tolley told us (2000 educators) that  the Government was committed to providing ultra-fast broadband to all New Zealanders, and lifting educational achievements for all students.
“Whether you are educators, providers of ICT services or have other ICT interests, we know it is time for our education system to fully commit to the digital age. And we are eager to see all schools taking teaching and learning into the 21st century.”
Schools connected to ultra-fast broadband will provide a critical initial base to anchor the development of the fibre network, she said.
“Schools are one of our first priorities as the benefits of greater broadband capacity in the education system will be realised very quickly.


  • Taking educators and learners into the 21st century
  • Faster high speed broadbrand – independent fibre networks
  • National Standards to  help lift student achoevement and inform learning
  • Te Kohitanga Development
  • VLN – Te Papa etc
  • Virtual Kura

Gary Stager- 10 things to do with a laptop: http://www.stager.org/ulearn/